Why iOS is the best platform to develop the mobile apps

Few years ago, the online market focuses highly on web platforms. However, recently, most of the digital businesses have started relying on the mobile-friendly platforms. We have found a growing popularity of the Smartphones and tabs. Mobile app development has become the latest trend to all types of businesses. However, as these are various mobile platforms, you need to choose the right one for developing the app.

Android andIOS App Development Services are facing the strict competition with each other. The developers concentrate on various things to pick the better platform for the purpose. Each of the platforms has different features, advantages and limitations. Usually, the app development agencies offer services for both iOS and Android app development. Although both these platforms have much share in the market, several developers think iOS as the amazing platform. You may hire developers from an IOS Apps development company in Kolkata and create custom apps for you.

1. Tab friendly app listing

You may have found long app list in the App store of Apple. These apps are easily manageable, based on their categories. It presents the iPad and iPhone apps in different sections. An iPad app also works for your Apple tab.

2. The risk of fragmentation is very low

You may have created a high-quality Android app. Still, there is a risk of bugs at the time of running the app. It works with several brands, screen sizes and platforms. However, while it is an iOS app, you will find limitations in the device category and versions. That is why it is easier for the developers to create the app for iOS platform. They find reduced chance of bugs or errors in their apps. It is one of the positive aspects of iOS apps.

3. Better standard emulators

The iOS emulators work better and faster than that of the other mobile Operating Systems. The developers will be able to develop the apps very fast. iOS emulator is thus advantageous to the app developers.

4.Does not consume much time

The developers have to use long and intricate codes for Android app development. Android emulators also work slowly. That is why the overall app development procedure takes time. However, due to the use of Swift, the developers are able to design the iOS apps within a reasonable time. For Swift, there is a need of shorter codes, and it is one of the best factors to the developers. IOS App Development Services should include all the above app development technologies.

5. Convenience to the users

You can notice high consistency in the UI of the iOS devices. You may not find several transformations in those devices. However, in case of Android devices, you will see a variation of interface in the device of different manufacturers. The skinning process causes this issue. Another Android issue is the fragmentation. 60 percent of iOS device users are using the latest iOS version, while less than 10 percent of Android users are enjoying the newest version. The handset manufacturers cannot keep the users always updated. However, in iOS users do not have these issues. They will be able to use their iOS apps in a better way.

6. Absence of any carrier data

Android platform is open source, and its mobile devices have several third-party apps. There is a demerit of this feature. Not all those apps are of high quality, and the developers may charge high subscription charge. You will not find control and censorship in Android app development. The pre-installed Android applications are also not of the highest standards. Now, when it is iOS devices, there is no junk app. There are also very strict rules on iOS app development. The iOS users get advantage from it as they get the best services.

7. Work rightly with the USB audio tools

iOS mobiles are capable of recording and playing audio using USB devices. You cannot find this unique facility in Android. While the iOS apps or games have sound feature, the users will enjoy it in a better way. Thus, look for the best IOS apps development company in Kolkata. You may ask the developers to create a unique iOS app for your business. Release the app in the App Store and get response from the users